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What Causes Car Battery Trouble

Car Battery

You may have noticed that during the summer season major car battery problems occur. According to the Car Care Council, the heat during summer shortens battery life.

The excessive heat and the overcharging of batteries are the main causes of battery troubles. Extreme heat causes battery fluid to evaporate which damages the battery’s internal structure. Similarly, the malfunctioning of the voltage regulator results to a very high charging rate. This in turn shortens the life of batteries.

Cold weather also causes starting failures. This is due to the diminished battery output caused by slow electrochemical action. Moreover, colder temperatures tend to increase thickness of the engine oil which makes it hard for engine to start.

Here are some tips on how you can prolong the life of your car batteries:

1. When charging your car battery make sure that you don’t overcharged or undercharged it since both have a damaging effects on your car battery.
2. If your battery is the type that needs time to time refilling of distilled water then check it regularly especially during hot weather.
3. When replacing your battery buy one that is rated at least as high as your original battery.
4. Always keep the top of the battery clean since dirt is a conductor which drains battery power. Not only that, accumulated dirt tend to increase corrosion especially on battery terminals which in turn becomes an insulator and therefore hamper current flow.

GM plans to Offer Fuel-Cell Vehicles by 2010

GM fuel cell vehicle

Leading on fuel cells can be a game-changer for GM. General Motors Vice Chairman Lutz told The Wall Street Journal as the paper reported of the automaker’s plan to invest seriously over the next few years to develop hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicles for sale by 2010.

TWJ further says that GM plans to begin selling a thousand or more fuel-cell vehicles by 2010 and perhaps hundreds of thousands a year by 2015.

Fuel-cell vehicles use a chemical reaction to convert hydrogen gas into electricity that powers an electric motor.

10 Millions Toyota Cars to Be Sold Worldwide in 2008

Toyota Cars

In 2005, Toyota sold an enormous 8.13 million cars worldwide and the car company is looking forward to sell 8.85 million this year. The company also expects to pass last year’s market share of 13.8%.

As the second largest automaker, Toyota wants to surpass the 9.2 million vehicles sold by General Motors last year by selling 9.8 million vehicles in 2008. GM was also said to be facing a severe fall in SUV and truck sales including other domestic brands.

Will this be the end of GM as the largest automaker? GM, wake up!

Caring Tips for Your Ford

Washing Car

No matter how high the quality of Ford cars if you don’t know how to properly take good care of them then they will not be able to provide you with maximum riding and driving satisfaction.

Here are a few maintenance tips that will help you in taking good care of your Fords:

1. Regularly wash your Ford especially after you travel long distances.
2. Don’t forget to wax it to protect it from harsh environment.
3. In case you reside in an area where there is high humidity it is advisable that you rust proofed it to protect the body of your Ford from corrosion.
4. Regularly change oil to keep the engine in good shape.
5. Regularly change the transmission fluid
6. Refrain from over heating the engine since this may cause problems later on
7. Have your Ford checked by an auto specialist in case of minor problems.
8. Check your parking space for leaks since this might imply a problem.
9. In case, your Ford stalls then visit your dealer since this type of problem calls for an engine computer software update.
10. Once a year have a total car inspection.

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Crash and Rollover Ratings very soon on your Car Stickers

Starting with 2008 model vehicles, customers will have an easier time choosing which vehicle is safest for them.

Auto manufacturers have been required by the National Highway Administration to display federal crash test and rollover ratings – previously accessible on the internet -- on their window stickers starting with 2008-model-year vehicles.

InsideLine reports that the new vehicle price stickers will contain NHTSA safety ratings in three areas: front crash, side crash and non-destructive rollover tests. All three tests will use the five-star rating, with five stars being the safest. Also to be included in the sticker is a special warning symbol if a crash test raises a safety concern, such as a test dummy's head striking a window during a side-impact crash.

Honda and General Motors have already put the information on the window stickers of their vehicles.

Goodbye Scion xA, xB

2006 Scion XA

Toyota’s 2006 Scion xA and xB will end its production this December but two economy cars will replace the two mentioned vehicles come next spring. The two upcoming cars are said to bear 2008 badges. Mark Templin, Scion's vice president, did not mention any information aside from the expected date of release.

Will this mean that the tC coupe will be the only available model of Scion this 2007?

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Ford’s Presidential Car

Mercury hybrid

The Presidential Edition Mercury Mariner Hybrid was delivered to former U.S. president Bill Clinton last week. However, the Clinton’s formal acceptance of the new car from Ford will be held at the Clinton Global Initiative conference in New York City this coming September 20-22.

The new hybrid boasts of its eco-friendly features for a gallon of fuel enables the vehicle to drive 32 miles with clean emissions at that. Fuel economy is also the best part of it as it delivers 200 horsepower V-6 engine capable of saving fuel consumption for almost 50%. It can also drive 25 miles using electric power.

Together with the Ford Escape Hybrid, this new car is included in the J.D. Power’s Top 30 Eco-Friendly Cars which can be found in the organization’s 2006 Alternative Powertrain Study. Meanwhile, you can check out Car Parts Wholesale if you are looking for quality Ford car parts at very reasonable prices.

Celebrities sign Lamborghini Gallardo for Charity

2006 Lamborghini Gallardo

Hollywood stars joined together to help the Child Safety Network, a charitable trust dedicated to preventing child abuse, abduction and injury. Stars like Bruce Willis, Kiefer Sutherland, Sylvester Stallone, Deborah Messing, Will Ferrell, Ben Affleck and others signed their autographs on a rare Lamborghini Gallardo later sold to auto collector John O'Quinn at the Kruse International auction for a record $500,000.

The yellow Gallardo boasts of a 500-horsepower V10 engine and a speed of 192 mph, and in 4.2 seconds, can go from 0 to 62 mph.

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The HP-fully loaded 2007 Arnage T

2007 Arnage T

Hungry for a superb luxury car with loads of horsepower? If you’re rich enough, then the Arnage is just right for you. Bentley will release Arnage on 2007 with a price ranging from $220,000 to $250,000. Undeniably, this car is not for everyone.

The sedan will get a big 50 horsepower bump for 2007, meaning the Arnage T will now deliver 500 hp and a stump-pulling 738 pound-feet of torque. The Arnage is also packed with 6.75-liter V-8 paired to the modern six-speed ZF automatic. Not only that, the new gearbox has a surprisingly flawless manual shift mode. The car also has a dual-mode Sport setting allowing the three-ton behemoth to be flogged around corners. Comfort is also its specialty as it has new leathers, more colors and spacious room for passengers.

This time, the new car also gets the Bluetooth technology that allows the drivers to use their cell phones in a hands-free mode. Drool, drool, drool.

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Ecko designs for Armada and Pathfinder

Armada and Pathfinder

Nissan’s Pathfinder and Armada are both to receive new “runway-ready” editions as a result of the latest team up of sportswear stylist Marc Ecko and Nissan. For Pathfinder, a wood steering and a gloss console treatment with orange details is added. Also, new grille, black and gray camouflage paint, and orange details, along with molded wood backs for its seats join the revamp. Armada receives smooth wheel covers, and whitewalls tires, with orange exterior panels and a cream-and-tan interior covered with a sophisticated off-white landau roof.

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