What Causes Car Battery Trouble 

What Causes Car Battery Trouble

Car Battery

You may have noticed that during the summer season major car battery problems occur. According to the Car Care Council, the heat during summer shortens battery life.

The excessive heat and the overcharging of batteries are the main causes of battery troubles. Extreme heat causes battery fluid to evaporate which damages the battery’s internal structure. Similarly, the malfunctioning of the voltage regulator results to a very high charging rate. This in turn shortens the life of batteries.

Cold weather also causes starting failures. This is due to the diminished battery output caused by slow electrochemical action. Moreover, colder temperatures tend to increase thickness of the engine oil which makes it hard for engine to start.

Here are some tips on how you can prolong the life of your car batteries:

1. When charging your car battery make sure that you don’t overcharged or undercharged it since both have a damaging effects on your car battery.
2. If your battery is the type that needs time to time refilling of distilled water then check it regularly especially during hot weather.
3. When replacing your battery buy one that is rated at least as high as your original battery.
4. Always keep the top of the battery clean since dirt is a conductor which drains battery power. Not only that, accumulated dirt tend to increase corrosion especially on battery terminals which in turn becomes an insulator and therefore hamper current flow.

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