Crash and Rollover Ratings very soon on your Car Stickers 

Crash and Rollover Ratings very soon on your Car Stickers

Starting with 2008 model vehicles, customers will have an easier time choosing which vehicle is safest for them.

Auto manufacturers have been required by the National Highway Administration to display federal crash test and rollover ratings previously accessible on the internet -- on their window stickers starting with 2008-model-year vehicles.

InsideLine reports that the new vehicle price stickers will contain NHTSA safety ratings in three areas: front crash, side crash and non-destructive rollover tests. All three tests will use the five-star rating, with five stars being the safest. Also to be included in the sticker is a special warning symbol if a crash test raises a safety concern, such as a test dummy's head striking a window during a side-impact crash.

Honda and General Motors have already put the information on the window stickers of their vehicles.

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