Fordís Presidential Car 

Fordís Presidential Car

Mercury hybrid

The Presidential Edition Mercury Mariner Hybrid was delivered to former U.S. president Bill Clinton last week. However, the Clintonís formal acceptance of the new car from Ford will be held at the Clinton Global Initiative conference in New York City this coming September 20-22.

The new hybrid boasts of its eco-friendly features for a gallon of fuel enables the vehicle to drive 32 miles with clean emissions at that. Fuel economy is also the best part of it as it delivers 200 horsepower V-6 engine capable of saving fuel consumption for almost 50%. It can also drive 25 miles using electric power.

Together with the Ford Escape Hybrid, this new car is included in the J.D. Powerís Top 30 Eco-Friendly Cars which can be found in the organizationís 2006 Alternative Powertrain Study. Meanwhile, you can check out Car Parts Wholesale if you are looking for quality Ford car parts at very reasonable prices.

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