BMW – still the ultimate driving machine 

BMW – still the ultimate driving machine

“A masterclass in exhilarating power, sound, response and brilliant packaging that comes as standard,” says Japan-based journalist Peter Nunn. “Let’s celebrate advanced materials, mechanicals – and machismo,” encourages Dennis Simanaitis of Road & Track. The engine the two judges speak of is the Munich marvel that is the BMW 5-litre V10 – the International Engine of the Year 2006.

BMW’s 5-liter V10 beat out the Volkswagen and Toyota to the best engine in the world title for the second year in a row. The powerplant also beat out other entrants to win in the categories of Best Performance Engine and Best Above 4.0-liters. BMW also received kudos for the Z4 M's 3.2-liter and twin-turbodiesel 3.0-liter, for a total of five awards.

Looks like the BMW is still the ultimate driving machine eh?

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