Dodge Ram Pickup Truck Goes Greener 

Dodge Ram Pickup Truck Goes Greener

In the last couple of years, we have been hearing from auto manufacturing companies about alternative fuel vehicles (AFV), hybrid vehicles and the like. We've even seen a number of hybrid vehicles introduced last year. So would it still stir some excitement if DaimlerChrysler announces that it will introduce a biodiesel-powered Dodge Ram pickup truck for the 2007 model year?

No and yes! No because the concept of a biodiesel-powered vehicle is no longer new for it to cause much excitement. In fact, DaimlerChrysler has already introduced a couple of biodiesel-powered vehicles in the past. The Jeep Liberty CRD diesel SUV, for example, can be powered with a mixture of 5 percent biodiesel and 95 percent diesel. And so with the diesel-powered Dodge Sprinter van that allows a mixture of up to 2 percent of biodiesel fuel.

But the diesel-powered Dodge Ram pickup truck is quite different from all of these DaimlerChrysler vehicles. Why? Because the company has approved the use of 20 percent biodiesel fuel for these trucks. If anything, this means improved fuel economy and reduced greenhouse gas emissions at a much higher level! And for this nation, that means an opportunity to lessen our dependence on foreign oil manufacturing companies. All of these make the introduction of the new Dodge Ram pickup truck stir some, if not much, excitement.

There, however, is another not too exciting twist to this story. The use of B20 (20% biodiesel) has been approved only for military, government, and fleet models of the Dodge Ram pickup truck. I believe, though, that on a later date, the use of B20 will also be permitted on the passenger models of Dodge Ram pickups. As to when that will be implemented, I don't have the slightest idea.

As of now, however, we can do nothing but wait for DaimlerChrysler to introduce the Dodge Ram pickup truck that can run on 20% biodiesel fuel. Let's make our wait productive, though, by doing the little things that can make our vehicles more fuel efficient and produce less harmful emissions. Auto Parts Discount helps us achieve this by offering high quality and high performance Dodge engine and exhaust parts like the catalytic converter, oxygen sensor and [link=]intake manifold. With these high quality Dodge auto parts, we can help lessen our nation's fuel and environment problems.

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