You can get your hybrids now 

You can get your hybrids now

Okay, the New Year is in, and so is the hefty tax breaks for some hybrids out there. For those of you on the lookout to buy a new hybrid vehicle, the time is now. Here are the hybrids that [link=h]Forbes Autos[/link] recommend, plus their respective tax credits:

Best for City Driving: Toyota Prius

Tax credit: $3,150

Best for Long Trips: Lexus RX 400h

Tax credit: $2,200

Best for Towing and Hauling: Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid

Tax credit: $250

Best for Overall Mileage: Honda Insight

Tax credit: $1,450 (for the two-seat Honda Insight ONLY; the manual transmission version doesn't meet emissions requirements so there’s no tax credit.)

Best for Performance: Honda Accord Hybrid

Tax credit: $650

The car that gets the biggest tax credit is the Honda Civic for $3,600 but, unfortunately, this gem of a car is only available to our friends in California.

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