Need new city car? 

Need new city car?

So you’ve just moved to the city. Everything seems to be moving twice as fast as compared to your old sleepy town. And the traffic. And there seem to be a shortage of parking spaces too. You’re quite sure that trying to park your big fat vehicle in your new hometown would have you emitting steam from your ears on a constant basis.

A new, smaller car seems to be a nice solution. But with the plethora of models around to choose from, how are you supposed to make that decision?

Worry not. Here’s Forbes Autos’ list of the 10 best and worst cars for city driving to help you figure things out:

The 10 Best Cars for City Driving

1. BMW 325i
2. Mini Cooper
3. Scion xA/xB
4. Volvo V50
5. Saab 9-2X
6. Mercedes-Benz C-Class
7. Scion tC
8. Audi A4
9. Acura RSX
10. Acura TSX

The 10 Worst Cars for City Driving

1. Hummer H1 Alpha
2. Maybach Type 62
3. Rolls-Royce Phantom VI
4. Cadillac Escalade ESV
5. Hummer H2
6. Lincoln Town Car
7. Infiniti QX56
8. Buick Park Avenue Ultra
9. Bentley Arnage RL
10. Lincoln Navigator

And what should you look for when buying a city car? According to Forbes Autos:

* The turning radius — measured as the outer radius of a circle that the car would make with the steering wheel cranked all the way
* The footprint of a car — its overall length and width (The bigger the car, the harder it will be to manage on roads crammed with double-parked vehicles and loading/unloading trucks)
* Ease of ingress and egress (because you will probably be getting in and out of the vehicle frequently)
* Outward visibility — how well you can see cars ahead as well as those next to you
* Ride comfort at low speeds
* Handling control

And after you make that all important purchase, make sure you give your new city car the proper care and maintenance. Should the time comes when you’ll need to replace auto parts like catalytic converters, fenders, mirrors, starters, hubcaps or headlights, just visit Auto Parts Discount’s vast array of premium quality Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Toyota, Jaguar, Audi and more of your favorite automobile’s parts.

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