Crossovers are getting hotter and hotter 

Crossovers are getting hotter and hotter

Has the age of crossovers arrived?

Crossovers - vehicles that combine the attributes and looks of an SUV with the ride and handling of a sedan or even the high-performance aspects of a sports car – are the fastest growing segment of the market today, according to MSN Autos.

At the wake of the high fuel prices, it’s no surprise really, that buyers are jumping over the fence from the traditional SUVs to the more comfortable and more fuel efficient crossover models. Over the past three months, CUVs have outsold truck-based SUVs and, according to data and projections from Ford Motor – should do so routinely and permanently beginning next year.

Competition is heating up as new entries to the segment such as Kia’s Sorento and Sportage, Hyundai’s Tucson and Santa Fe, Mitsubishi' Outlander, Cadillac SRX and the Infiniti FX45 – join the fray where CUV models like the Ford Escape, the Chevrolet Equinox, the Nissan Murano, Ford Freestyle, Toyota Highlander, Mercedes Benz R-Class, Lexus RX330, and the Honda Pilot are already making their respective marks.

Toyota Highlander

Many buyers are perfectly happy to give up the traditional SUV’s off-road and towing capabilities in favor of the CUV’s other advantages – number one of them is fuel economy. Among all SUVs, the crossovers make it the easiest for consumers to switch from a car to a sport utility, because the ride and handling experience in crossovers is similar to what people often find in their cars. But crossover drivers and passengers also get to see farther down the road in front of them because the seats sit higher up in the vehicle than they do in a car. In addition, crossovers are offered with all- or four-wheel drive, which can be helpful in winter driving, and they have fold-down rear seats and a tailgate or liftgate for easy cargo loading in back.

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