Driving in Wet Weather 

Driving in Wet Weather

Wet weather is just around the corner again. The odds of meeting road accidents increase during wet weather. Heavy rain, for instance, can limit visibility so that a driver can't see the edges of the road, traffic signs or other cars. On vacation or running an errand, a driver who knows how to manage reduced visibility and slick pavement is more likely to stay in control.

driving in wet weather

The following tips will help motorists navigate their way through wet weather:

•Turn on windshield wipers as soon as rain begins to fall. If intermittent wipers are used, be certain they are set to a speed that will clear the windshield before visibility is compromised.

•If windows begin to fog, turn on the car's defroster.

•Use low-beam headlights to help other drivers see your car and increase visibility. Many states require headlight use in wet weather.

•Slow down and increase following distances. Speed limits are set for ideal road conditions. When it rains, visibility is reduced and braking distances increase.

•If you are forced to stop in traffic due to poor visibility, turn on emergency flashers immediately and pull as far off the road as possible.

Make sure too, that your car is properly maintained by following maintenance schedules and constantly checking for worn or damaged parts that may need replacement or repair. Should you need to replace your Honda Civic’s windshield wiper arms, your Toyota Camry’s headlights, or your Ford F-150’s wheels, visit trusted online auto parts stores like Auto Parts Discount.

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