What’s in a Car’s Name? 

What’s in a Car’s Name?

At one point in your life, as you were cruising in your car in the highway, it might have occurred to you suddenly – just where and how did the guys at Nissan/ Ford/ Toyota or whichever car you’re driving come up with the name of your car?

Perhaps you were driving your [link=http://www.fordvehicles.com/cars/focus/]Ford Focus[/link] (which would really be hard to guess what the Ford folks were getting at), but how about if you were driving a [link=http://www.fordpinto.com/]Ford Pinto[/link]? (Well if this is the case, you could always get quality replacement auto parts like auto radiators, A/C condensers, lights and more at Auto Parts Discount - for any car make, that is.)

Or did any of your friends ever chide you, as Dianne Spotts was when she bought her Taurus, that Ford stands for “Found On Road Dead” or “Fixed or Repaired Daily”? Or that your BMW is supposed to stand for “Break My Window”?

One comment I came across with was from a Keen James, citing columnist’s Russell Baker’s suggestion that in order to have fewer collisions, manufacturers should “assign less aggressive names to cars, such as Kittens, Bunny Rabbit, and Feather Duster”.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to have a Ford Puppy? Or Toyota Panda?

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